About Us

About Timeless Tanjore Paintings:

The uniqueness of Tanjore paintings compared to other art forms of India is that they are embossed with real gold, almost like a carved mural in an old temple. The elegant paintings depict famous spiritual scenes such as baby Krishna playfully eating butter or Lord Rama’s grand wedding celebrations. These paintings are generously adorned with semi-precious stones that add more beauty to the stunning gold finery.”

Fittingly, our Tanjore paintings are delicately handcrafted with intricate details and framed in carved teak-wood Chettinad frames in classic styles.”

True to our name, Timeless Tanjore Paintings is a journey of discovery – acceleration of artistry, originality, and the incredible harmony of the different cultural treasures all around us. Our traditional handcrafted Tanjore paintings are whole stories in one frame; they’re a warm reminder of the divinity that is all around us, now brought closer for you to take home. We’re fascinated by nuances that the unique touch of an artisan’s hand brings to a painting, the details that transform a “perfect” piece into a collectible. Let’s share with you a piece of ancient India’s golden history.

About the artist and founder, Susheela AR:

Timeless Tanjore is a woman-owned, artisanal Tanjore paintings studio based in Bangalore, India.

Ever since my sister & I were little, we have this image in our heads of our mother sitting down on the floor, bent over a small table near the window, with sunlight streaming in, painting. Making. Creating. She seemed deep in concentration, almost in a trance – but somehow she’d find out quick enough if we were up to any mischief.

She toiled for years, making beautiful murals & stunning paintings, while providing for us a care-free, happy childhood & the best education.

She started Timeless Tanjore in 2000 with an investment just shy of Rs. 1 lakh. It still is a lot of money today, but at the time it was a whole lot more, and she was very sure how she wanted to invest & grow her business venture – slowly, sustainably & responsibly.

She spent every free minute researching about the traditional tanjore painting techniques, which are the best paints to use so there wouldn’t be streaks or spots, better ways to emboss, different types of gold leaf, neat ways to fix the stones – thanjavur paintings should look handmade, not home-made as she puts it.

Slowly, orders trickled in & she also started teaching the art of Tanjore painting to enthusiastic students who shared her levels of passion. This was a whole other journey, more on this here.

As her orders grew, she hired a team of two artists, a muck-work specialist & a tanjore painting artist. It is easy to forget why we make art when livelihoods depend on selling the art! Nothing but the best quality is created for Timeless Tanjore.

Thus began the next leg on her entrepreneurial journey, she learnt how to manage a team. To her, it is really important that her team of artists are able to make a fair living while working with her on Timeless Tanjore. Caring for the people who work for Timeless Tanjore became an important brand value. She now runs a team of 5 artisans who make our paintings & Chettinadu teak frames in house.

If you’ve noticed, up till this point in Timeless Tanjore’s story, my sister & I are pretty much missing in action & not doing a great job of supporting our mum in her adventures.
To remedy this, we started this art gallery and online store, to give her a new channel to the world & a way for more people to discover her. After all, what is art that does not connect people. You can now take a look at our collection and buy Tanjore paintings online whether you’re in India or from outside India. We deliver worldwide!

Every item you see on this website is handmade. Every painting is unique, carefully curated & of the best quality we could possibly create.
Timeless Tanjore’s brand values – honesty, quality in workmanship, sustainable growth, well-being of artisans, satisfaction of every single client are very important to her, and to us.

Welcome to Timeless Tanjore, it’s so good to see you!