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Making of a Tanjore Painting: Video series

Most of us in India have seen a Tanjore painting – proudly displayed in a relative’s pooja room, gracing a restaurant lobby near the cash counter or we are lucky enough to own one. But how many of us know how a Thanjavur painting is actually made? One of the core values of Timeless Tanjore is to encourage intentional living, to think about the purpose of our actions & the value of things in our lives. Knowing how our favorite things are made helps in conscious consumption & increases the connection we feel to the things that we surround ourselves with in our home & life.

To enable you to make mindful purchasing decisions about our Tanjore Painting products, we want to show you how a Tanjore Painting is made from start to finish in our video series.

Part #1 : Making of a Tanjore painting: Preparing the canvas

Part #2: Making of a Tanjore painting: Muck application on the board


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