Tanjore Painting Materials Kit of Oonjal(Swing) Radha Krishna- Size 15″ X 12″


Great for beginners to make and learn the basics of Tanjore paintings! We have designed our kits based on years of our Tanjore painting class experiences. Do let us know if you have any questions!

The painting kit includes:

– 1 x 15″X12″ Plain Muck Board – Prepared with cloth and muck and ready to start tracing!

– A full Sketch of Oonjal(Swing) Radha Krishna to start tracing
– 10 Gold foil leaves(Size 4″x3″)
– Required Stone tools
– 0.5 KG Chalk Powder
– 0.15 KG Arabic Gum
– 4 Packs of required Semi Precious Stones
– Yellow Carbon Sheets for tracing
– Emery Sand paper scraps for smoothening the muck board

We didn’t include items like cutter, scissors, brushes, pens, paints etc in the kit because you’ll have these at home or you can buy these items to your preference and ideas.

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