Tanjore Painting Kits

Tanjore painting Kits in a variety of sizes and themes available for hobbyists and Tanjore art students. With each painting kit, you can also purchase a Tanjore painting frame for your completed artwork to give it an authentic and traditional look.

If you require additional items or extra quantity for certain kit items like stones or gold-foils, do let us know. We have a huge collection of themes of Tanjore paintings; if you’d like a specific theme that is not listed here, please feel free to contact us after purchasing a kit and we’ll send you the one you choose.

Please note that we have not included scissors, pens, cutters, paints, brushes in the kits because you might already have these at home or can buy these according to your choices and requirements. You can also visit our studio in Bangalore to buy the painting kits. Have fun making Tanjore paintings!

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