22 Carat Gold Foil Book of 25 Leaves


Please note the slight increase in the prices is because of the increase in gold rates.

Tanjore Painting Gold Foil Material:

– 1 set of 25 leaves
– Size of each panel: 4″x3″
– Made of original 22 Carat Gold

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One of the most beautiful and important steps in making a Tanjore painting is the gold embossing work done with 22 carat gold foils. Once the muck embossing is dried, the gold foil is impression-ed and then fixed onto the muck pattern. Please check our tutorial video to see this step in action!

  • Original 22 Carat Gold Leaves
  • One book contains 25 Leaves
  • Size of each leaf - 4" x 3"

Gold leaf books are also available as part of our painting kits. If you're looking for all materials to make a Tanjore painting from start to finish, they are available as kits or they can be bought individually as per your needs.

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